Nottingham’s biggest and loudest annual grassroots protest against street harassment, victim-blaming, and all forms of men’s violence against women

18 November 2017 | 6.30PM



A women-only march protesting men’s violence against women will stomp, sing, dance and shout its way from Forest Recreation Ground to Market Square at 7.00pm. Meet at 6.30pm outside Forest Rec Pavilion.

The event will end with a Reclaim Rally in Market Square. The rally will celebrate and support women’s self-organised action against violence. Speakers will be women only and women are invited to assemble themselves proudly at the Council House steps for this event. If men wish to join us, we ask that they maintain a respectful distance at the back.

Supportive men are organising a solidarity vigil elsewhere in the City Centre. Gather at 7pm outside the church in St Peter’s Square.

After the rally, women are welcome at Nottingham Women’s Centre to get warm, have a bite to eat, and socialise. This will be a women-only event.


Reclaim the Night welcomes all self-defining women, including women of all colours and cultures, of all religions or none, refugee and asylum-seeking women, women of any age, women who are disabled or not disabled, heterosexual women, lesbian women, trans women, and bisexual women, and welcomes all people who have experienced misogynistic oppression as women (including non-binary and gender non-conforming people). We would love to see you there. Bring along your mothers, grandmothers, sisters, aunts, nieces, and daughters. The march route is wheelchair-accessible, as is the women centre for the after-event. Accompanied children of all genders are welcome.


Women who wish to can meet beforehand at Nottingham Women’s Centre, who will lead a group at 6.15pm walking down to Forest Rec together for the march.

Women who cannot attend can still participate online! We’ll be live tweeting from the march at @RTNnottingham with the hashtag #RTNnotts


If you want to help make RTN 2017 happen by volunteering to help coordinate, steward or contribute to the march, email Karen at reclaimthenightnottingham@gmail.com


Nottinghamshire Sexual Violence Support Services | Nottingham Women’s Centre | Nottingham Community Housing Association | Equation | Women’s Aid Integrated Services | POW Nottingham | Nottingham Central Women’s Aid

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