Previous Marches

RTNN | 2013

RTNN13 (Reclaim The Night Nottingham) was organised by NFAN (Nottingham Feminist Action Network).

The march and rally was held on the evening of 9.11.13

RTNN | 2014

More details about RTNN14 (Reclaim The Night Nottingham) can be seen via Facebook

RTNN | 2015

We marched on 24 October 2015 and then held an after-party, Reclaim the Dancefloor.

You can see what we got up to on our Facebook event.

RTNN | 2016

We marched on 12 November 2016 and then held an after-party at Nottingham Women’s Centre.

More details  about RTNN 2016 can be found on our Facebook event.


3 Responses to Previous Marches

  1. Andria Birch says:

    Not sure why there is an advert linked to the word reclaim. It seems to be a new wordpress issue with free sites. I’ll try and find out how to get rid as just deleting and retyping the word hasn’t removed it)

  2. Zaimal says:

    I can’t see the advert! Have you managed to remove it? Thanks for doing this, site looks great 🙂

  3. Hi, thanks for organising this impiortant event. I’m bringing a small group over to join the march – just planning transport and need to know what time it all ends? Are there speeches/events after the march etc? Many thanks!

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